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I Can Has G-Fed Wiki?Edit

Hey, it's me. Yeah, I decided to undergo the huge process of creating an unofficial wiki for G-Fed and (hopefully later) FedWars. Now, this doesn't have anything to do with me trying to garner more popularity with the G-Fed crowd. THAT'S never gonna happen for me. No, this is just to provide new users and even veteran roleplayers with information on federations, users, roleplay styles, and even ways to improve their fed, wrestler, and/or roleplaying.

Now, this Wiki is not official, so don't think that Brian runs this wiki. I do. Anything that's posted on here by me is not influenced by him.

Now, I'm currently allowing other members of G-Fed and the eFight Network (NEW, WMW, GPS, DHW, IWF, and EAW) to update and/or add pages to this Wiki. If I find any of the followling problems, I'm gonna cancel that and select a group of people whom I believe are responsible enough to run this Wiki.

What I Don't Condone:

  • Misinterpreted information.
  • Spamming of the pages.
  • Libel against other users (especially the owners of feds and yours truly)
  • General n00bishness

Here's to a successful Wiki!

Harlem Halladay 10:46PM September 12th, 2011(UTC)

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